Imagine having a brainstorming session with some of the greatest minds in literature, marketing, and project management, in your specific niche and all ready to help you shape your next big story, blog, or project idea. Over the past few weeks I've found, with ChatGPT, this scenario isn't just a daydream—it's a reality you can tap into right now. By setting up a virtual mastermind group, you can access a wealth of knowledge and perspectives that can take your creative and professional projects to new heights.

Tailoring the Mastermind Group to Your Needs

As a writer, blogger, and project enthusiast, my needs are unique.  I'm not just looking for general business advice; Ineed specific insights that resonate with my specific creative process and objectives. This is where the power of ChatGPT's role-playing capabilities shines. You can set up your advisory board with experts in writing, marketing, and project management to mirror the diverse skill sets required for your projects.

HINT: as a ChatGPT power move I make sure to have it cite all sources. That makes it easy to double check)

Crafting Your Virtual Advisory Board

Your board could include a renowned author, a marketing guru, and a seasoned project manager. Each brings a distinct flavor to the table:

1. The Writer: Offers insights into narrative structure, character development, and genre-specific tips.
2. The Marketing Expert: Provides strategies on how to effectively market your content and reach your target audience.
3. The Project Manager: Advises on managing timelines, resources, and keeping your projects on track.

Structuring Your ChatGPT Prompt

Here’s how you might structure your prompt to create this tailored advisory board:

Hi, ChatGPT,

You're my go-to board of advisors for brainstorming my writing projects, blogs, and other creative endeavors. The board includes a renowned author for storytelling guidance, a marketing expert for audience engagement strategies, and a project manager for workflow efficiency.

[Make sure to add real people examples, along with real books and posts related to that virtual advisor's background.  The more precise you can be the better. ]

Your role is to help me refine my ideas, offer fresh perspectives, and develop a concrete plan to bring these projects to life.


The Advantages of a Specialized Virtual Mastermind Group

1. Targeted Advice: Receive guidance that is specifically tailored to the nature of your projects.
2. Creative Expansion: Open up to new ideas and perspectives that you might not have considered.
3. Efficient Planning: Learn how to manage your projects more effectively, from inception to completion.
4. Industry-Specific Insights: Gain knowledge that's relevant to the current trends and best practices in writing, marketing, and project management.

Embracing the Future of Creative Advisory

Your virtual mastermind group is not just a sounding board; it's a great opportunity for some epic noodling sessions. By engaging with this diverse set of simulated experts, you're not only refining your ideas but also learning and growing as a professional. Remember, your prompt/board profile isn't static. You can introduce new members and abilities as needed. 

And here's a fun twist: with this virtual mastermind group, I’ve found a quirky yet effective way to kick self-doubt to the curb. Whenever those pesky doubts start to whisper, I just turn to my AI panel of experts. It’s like having a team of genius cheerleaders who are too busy dropping wisdom bombs to let me wallow in self-doubt! So, why not dive in, set up your personalized board, and watch as your creative and strategic visions come to life in ways you never imagined!

My example is a simple one but check out this video from Marcel Samyn. He does a great job explaining how to build a far more detailed advisory group prompt. 

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